When Kokeui was first introduced into the story he was a ten thousand ton spider that stood higher then Amegakure's tower, about two hundred feet tall. However as Kokuei reached his full strength he began to shrink, and finally became a strange humaniod with six eyes. This was his actual "Form".

Kokuei was powerful in both states, as seen he could with stand almost everything someone through at him, but despit his strength when the shinobi worked together he proved no match even with his army of the Undead and now resummoned army from hell. Even though he was still difficult to defeat as it took the rest of the First Sage of Six pathes life force.

To summon his army from the depts of hell it was rumored that Kokuei sacrificed enough life source to have four humans live a normal life span, just to open an accient seal that he was once sealed inside.


Kokuei was very skilled with a sword as seen before his death, this might be a simple trait back from Kokuei's original time however the world is uncertain at this moment. Kokuei also seemed to be able to perform several Time-Space ninjutsu at will, one example of this is when he redirrected someone's jutsu using to portal like things that suddenly appeared. These traits make Kokuei a very strong Villian and the main reason his book lasted so long.


  • Sword made from his shaded skin.(2)
  • Scrolls.(5)
  • Kunai made from his shaded skin. (12)
  • Shuriken made from his shaded skin.(12)

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